Sunday, February 10, 2008

Who Will Be My Valentine?


This Dress is Spectacular, very detailed especially as you can see in the back side. I enjoyed wearing this dress, everywere I went I got compliments left and right. Sparkle Skye must be so proud of her creations. So head down to Allure and get this stunning dress, it will make your honey go gaga for you.

Dress: Volcano~The Arenal~Allure
Shoes: Female Fatale-F6~Minx
Skin: Naughty Design
Hair: Sofia-Red~ETD


CD said...

esta super tu blog... te felicito
una nina tan bonita me inspira... ya veras de aqui en poco tendre lo mas sexy y hot para ti
un beso y un abrazo
cd benelli

Tony said...

Katlene is perhaps the sexiest most enticing avatar ever created.

I have followed her troughout my SL years, desperately awaiting the day for her to grant me just "one more" dance.

Anonymous said...

That dress is great...the colors are very vibrant in all the poses. : )

Katlene said...

Thank-You for all your comments... I had so much fun doing this shoot.....

Nit said...

Hi Kat,

Love all those pictures of u, u look great! I especially like the red dress you have on, its beautiful on u!!

I can't believe that it has been over a year since I've known you. Time sure flies and already, 1 1/2 months has gone by this year. I'm glad that after all this time, we still keep in touch.

If you ever need anything or someone to talk to or need help with something, let me know and I will be there for you.

With much love & hugs, Nit Susanti