Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Hello Everybody~~~

I am sorry I have not been posting, been busy with the stores and also with the Peace on Earth hunt...If you are a designer and you are interested in participating in the Peace On earth Hunt visit

Thursday, June 5, 2008

My Sis Pema....

What can I say about Pema she is just a great friend, loyal, genuine and Kind Hearted!!!
I just love her so that is why I consider her my Sis in SL and also she models for me at my store.....Friends are hard to find but Pema is different....

Saturday, May 24, 2008

Pool Party at Alma Gemela....

I decided to do a last minute Beach party in my house. I invited my friends and we had a blast, we danced, and also did a bit of swimming. Not bad for a last minute party, I always enjoy these girls company they are sweet, down to earth and funny....Hurray for the Girls!!!!

Pema, Me, Milana, Jessika & Margaux

Saturday, May 10, 2008

.: Naive :.

These Little cute outfits come from two very talented designers in SL, Leah McCullough and Abbie Dharnen. I met Leah in one of her new releases and I just fell in Love with her clothes, I just love to shop!!! So now Naive is one of my favorites stores and also Leah McCullough is just such a sweet, friendly and kind person
(So Customer Service it just the BEST)
Please go Check Out Naive (tell them I sent you :) )
First Outfit: .: Naive:. Rodeo Cutie (Green)
Second Outfit: .: Naive:. Rodeo Cutie (Orange)
Third Outfit: .: Naive:. Rodeo Cutie (Pink)
Fourth Outfit: .: Naive:. Rodeo Cutie (Black & White)
Skin: Naughty Design~Alina~Tea Rose
Hair: Cake~Berlin ~Pecan

Tuesday, May 6, 2008

Seasons Haute Couture & Facets

This post is dedicated to two Magnificent Women whom I admire in SL, Chica Indigo and Lady Pichot. Chica Indigo and I met at on one my shopping spree's at Last Call
(during the closeout sale) were everybody (we all look grey) was trying to get into Last Call but impossible so I made my shopping possible with the camera (thank goodness for that). Lady Pichot I met thru Chica Indigo.... This beautiful dress called Monique could be found at Seasons Haute Couture and the Jewelry by Lady Pichot @ Facets.

So go check it out at: Season Haute Couture & Facets

Dress: Seasons-Monique
Skin: Laqroki~Rita 06 potrait skin
Hair: *Truth*~Elise_Light Blonde (New Release)
Jewelry: Facets~Lady Pichot, Rolo Earings, Triple Rolo Necklace & Wide Rolo Bangle
(Got it at the Happy Sister's hunt)

Saturday, May 3, 2008

My Graduation From Face2Face Modeling Academy...

I am finally graduating from Face2Face Modeling academy, Hope to see you there!!!!

Monday, April 21, 2008

Diamond Hunt @ Expression Shopping Mall


Just wanted to say that I appreciate all the people who visit my blog and that I am sorry have not been posting lately really busy with the setting up of my main store.... Also I have become a writer for iheartsl.com so you will see me in the fashion feeds. I am really excited about that, i wanted to invite you all to a diamond hunt at Expressions shopping Mall, go check it out.....

Rosado Dress By Katkreation
Skin: Minnu
Hair: Etd

Sunday, April 13, 2008

1L Dress at My Store....

This dress is called The Jean Dress, It comes with a Jacket, pants, skirt and a Bikini Top. Its a very Flirty and cute dress that can be worn on a nice afternoon and its only 1L

Dress: Jean Dress By KatKreation
Hair: Etd
Skin: Naughty Design
Shoes: Minx

Sunday, March 30, 2008

Jojann Dress

This is the Jojann Dress by Pixel Doll which I am currently selling in my stores...
Dress: Pixel Dolls~Jojann Dress
Hair: Gurl-September
Shoes: Maitreya

Saturday, March 29, 2008

Outfits for Sale at My Store KatKreation By Katlene Niven

1st Picture-Dress Jacket by Pixel Doll
2nd Picture-Luna Dress
I will be having them in my stores as of Today March 29th

Sunday, March 23, 2008

Look What I Got At The Hunt, FREE!!!

I got this beautiful Dress at the HUNT absolutley for FREE (GRATIS)
It comes with a pearl bracelet, so go run and get your dress before the hunt is over.
Dress: Icing~Night Mist
Shoes: Minx~Esctasy in Black
Eyes: Light Morado Eyes By KatKreation
Hair: Armidi~The Soho-True Black

Saturday, March 22, 2008

Victoria Dress

This is the VICTORIA DRESS which I am currently selling in my store. Its a beautiful and detailed dress.....

Sunday, March 16, 2008

Me and My Bathing Suit....

This is me after such a long day today, I was modeling at my first Fashion show were various designers such as a Piece of Candy, VNP Ninetails, Rory's Exclusive, Ava Choo shoes, Bax Coen, Strider and IIlse Designs who were part of the event which was a success. I want to thank everybody who attended the Fashion show and also Lava, Tiffany and Lorelei for being part of the modeling crew...
Bathing Suit: VNP Ninetails
Hair: Harlow~Cake
Skin: Naughty Designs

Saturday, March 15, 2008

KatKreation Bonbon Shape By Katlene Niven


This is the Male Shape which I will be selling at My New Store
KatKreation By Katlene Niven

Hope you like it ladies, because he is hot!!!!

Sunday, March 9, 2008

I Feel So Beautiful Tonight.....

I Love this Sexy Little Dress, I just found it on some random store (Absolut Creations) I am sorry I have not been blogging much but have been busy preparing my first fashion show (March 16, 2008) and also the opening of my new store....

Dress: Begonia Dress~By Ginger Chevalier of Abslout Creations
Shoes: Ava Choo~Mounier White
Earings: *MM* Coco Studded Earrings (freebie) at G.L.A.M
Hair: DH~Ember Gold
Eyes: Dulce by KatKreation By Katlene Niven
Skin: Naughty Designs

Sunday, March 2, 2008

Modeling In Digital Eyes~~~

Digital Eyes~~~
I was doing Live Modeling For Morgan at Digital Eyes, love these new outfits she just released...They are Sexy it make me feel like a Show Girl, so go check them out at her Store...

Outfit: ShowGirls~Digital Eyes
Comes in Red, White, Blue, Pink, Black and Purple

Thursday, February 28, 2008

Rory In Pink~~~~

Rory Rives~~~~
This dress is amazing, it has a flowy feeling and my Friend Rory just looks Fabulous and chic in it (especially in her new shape created by me, lol)
Dress: Cachet~Scarlet
Shoes: FD~Belle
Hair: Truth~Katherine
Skin: Naughty Design~Tea Rose

Monday, February 25, 2008



WOW was what I said when I saw this dress at the Cachet store, I was so impressed with the style and elegance that it exudes... So FASHIONISTA.....

Dress: Cachet~Marlene

Boots: F-Boots~The Catalyst (Black)

Hair: Etd~Madeline-Platinum

Skin: Minnu(pale)

Sunday, February 24, 2008

My Girls...

I have been hanging around lately with Chica From Seasons, Rory from Rory's and Candy from a Piece of Candy... They are so fun, sweet, giving and entertaining....Love ya Girls!!!

Triangle From Ghost....

I met up with Triangle from GHOST at Bare Rose and could not resist not taking a picture of her in her lovely attire, she is so creative, love her....

My Photo Shoot at The Botanical Garden


I was doing a Photoshoot at the Botanical Garden of SL, this beautiful dresses can be found in Rory Store at 5th Ave....You will also see me in the pictures, lol...

Friday, February 22, 2008


Yes!!! its Official I am opening a store soon with SHAPES.....I have decided to give it a try and see how it goes....I will be announcing soon the Grand Opening of my store, so stay tuned....

Monday, February 18, 2008

The Nicole Richie Dress~~~~

Vitoria V Fashion
This dress is sultry I felt like a Goddess when I wore it...This is the Nicole Richie dress, great choice...This dress is very detailed and well made....
Dress: *ViciV*~Richie Dress
Shoes: *ViciV~comes with the dress
Hair: Armidi-The Angel I~Vanilla
*Can find this dress at Victoria V Fashion @The Scorpion Mall

The Botanical Garden Of SL...

The Botanical Gardens in SL is breathtaking, I felt at peace here. You need to come with your significant other or alone and enjoy the scenery. I want to thanks Kallisto Destiny for mentioning it in her blog and also my friend Gina for giving me the Landmark. These is a must SEE in SL....
Outfit: Kieri~by Orchid Dreams
Hair: Armidi-The Angel I~Vanilla
Skin: Naughty
Shoes: Sofa King~Color Change Super Strappy

Une Femme Fer~"Tres Jolie"

This beautiful design comes from "Tres Jolie" from her latest line... I got invited to a Fashion were Triangle of "Ghost" was participating and I decided to invite Iota Ultsch. When Iota showed up she was wearing this from her latest collection and it was love at FIRST SIGHT...
Love the details on this outfit it also comes with pasties to cover the "TaTas", LOL....
Outfit: Une Femme Fer~"Tres Jolie"
Hair: *Truth*-Izzy-Black
Skin: Naughty
Shoes: Sofa King~ Color change super strappy heels

Saturday, February 16, 2008

Fans With A Piece Of Candy~~~

Digital Eyes & A Piece Of Candy

What can I say this outfit combined with the Fan looks Marvelous!!!
I Love Fans In RL and when I was notified by Morgan from Digital Eyes about it, I just had to get it. I searched in my inventory and I found this outfit that fits perfectly.... So Rush to Digital eyes and A Piece Of Candy to get yours...

Outfit: A Piece Of Candy~Birdie
Skin: A Piece of Candy~Ruby (Not yet released)
Hair: Rac~Loveaffair-Black (Freebie)
Eyes: Rac~Sparkly Lagoon Eyes
Fan: Digital Eyes~Animated Fan 60's
Shoes: Minx-Femme Fatale~FP4