Tuesday, January 29, 2008


This stunning little number I could not resist in buying.....Its an elegant, sassy outfit which needs to be in any woman's inventory....Check it out for yourself.
Run and get it what are you waiting for.

Outfit: Goldie~Mimikri
Hair: Alexandra-black~ETD
Shoes: Vidali Pump-Metallic Gold~Armidi Gisaci


I went to Ghost to get this beautiful dress which I fell in Love the minute I laid eyes on and while being there I met the lovely and sweet Designer Triangle Caudron.....

She also has a Freebie dress there so go and grab it....

She IM the other day to see if I knew of Kool places to go dancing I almost fell out my chair.....So for that reason I will also real soon be posting places in Sl were you go out and dance and have a great time, be on the look out for that....

Dress: White Blood~Ghost

Skin: Naughty Design

Hair: Alexandra-Platinum~ETD

Shoes: Minx

Sunday, January 27, 2008

Under the Stars

Here I am right under the Stars with my Special Someone. It reminds me of the skies in the caribbean where if you hold your hand up high you maybe able to touch them...

Feeling Grey.....

I was feeling a bit Grey Today so I decided to dress in Grey, LOL and you know what I felt better.....
Dress: Big Booty, Big Money~BBBM NP
Skin: Naughty
Hair: Eva III-Mahogany~Maitreya
Eyes: Grey~Minnu

Saturday, January 26, 2008

Digital Eyes.....

As You can see I have been feeling a bit Asian Today.....These marvelous Fans that I am here showcasing are from Digital Eyes, I just love them. I met the Designer Morgan Kincess in one of my shopping days.... Morgan is such a great person, kind and generous, so go ahead and check out her fans (she also has bags and sunglasses)
Dress: FF
Skin: Naughty
Fans: Digital Eyes
Hair: Jackie-Fire ETD

Wednesday, January 23, 2008

Callie Cline.....

Itroducing My Friend Lolah Bellah, I love her to death met her in my first days of SL.... She soon became my roomate and now she is one of my tenants....
I ask her to Model a few of her favorite outfits for me....
Coat: Callie Cline
Skin: Minnu/Naughty Design
Hair:ETD & Analog Dog

Monday, January 21, 2008

Live Modeling at FreeSoul Design & InimitablyDesign

I am Live Model For FreeSoul Design & Inimitably Design, how did I start? well I was hair shopping at Analog Dog and there I met Steffi Villota... So I decided to stop by her store and I just asked if I could do Live Modeling and that was it... These is a Team of two Sisters both very hardworking ,very nice and sweet!!!! I admire business women in SL...

Hurray for Steffi Villota & Mell McMahon!!!! You Go Girls....
Clothes: Black Lace Dress~FreeSoul Design * On Sale 50% off
Boots: Bax~Black Suede
Hair: *FFS* Sweet Violet (Black)

Saur Holt- Lil Neko.....

What can I say of this Beautiful Yellow Dress which was Designed by Saur Holt. I know Saur from dancing Salsa in Forsaken Hearts. She is very Talented and a great individual (she calls me Titi) which means Aunt.....I wish you lots of luck, love ya.....
Dress: Party Dress In Yellow- Lil Neko (Saur Holt)
Hair: Armidi
Skin: Naughty

Sunday, January 20, 2008

White How Lovely You Could Be...

This Little number reminded me of my Carribean vacations when I use to go Visit My Father in Puerto Rico......Oh how I wish I was there....
Clothes: FF
Hair: Cake
Shoes: Minx
Skin: Naughty
Nails: Awesome Design (black)

Another UK Couture Outfit~

This is a Elegant Classy Outfit....
Clothes: UK Couture (Destiny Couture (1))
Hair: *SS* Goldie 2 (Fit1) Golden Pale Blonde
Shoes: Minx Candy Kisses
Earings: Digital Dragon

Polka Dots to the Rescue....

This outfit caught my Eye because in RL I Love Polka Dots...
You can get this at La Reina and its pretty cheap too..
Clothes: FF
Shoes: Minx
Skin: Naughty
Earings: Digital Dragon
Hair: Lynne II (Fire) ETD

UK Couture

This Sexy Little Black Coat keeps me warm and Sleek in these cold and chilly days...

Clothes: UK Couture (Cali Noir Couture (1))

Skin: Naughty

Hair: Secret-Full Moon

Shoes: Minx

Earrrings: Digital Dragon

Saturday, January 19, 2008

Another Outfit from Ingenue....

This outfit is so Sexy, it reminds of those Women in the 40's.....

Clothes: Whole Lotta Lovin-Ingenue
Hair: Juliana (Platinum) ETD
Skin: Naughty

Love Ingenue.....

Love this Freebie I got at Ingenue.......

Clothes: Put the Blame On Mame (Boudoir Edition) Ingenue
Hair: Anne (Platinum) ETD
Skin: Naughty

Thursday, January 3, 2008